Sur le terrain, l’union fait la force !

The Consortium

We produce plants, flowers and potted aromatic herbs in Albenga and we sell them in Italy, France and Northern and Eastern Europe.

The Consortium Bruzzone RB Plant

We founded this horticultural consortium specialising in flowers and ornamental and garden plants in Albenga (Savona) in 1994, uniting five companies with over ten years’ experience, all owned by the same family group.

This union has lead us to amplify our specialised area and segment what we offer and as a result, we have been able to optimise the value for money of our high-end products.

We also make use of the precious collaboration of small producers; each specialised in the cultivation of specific items, each paying particular attention to the quality aspects of their products.

This union and daily collaboration allows us to offer a vast range of plants, flowers and potted aromatic herbs and a punctual and efficient delivery service that is performed with our own vehicles or with the support of international couriers.

The majority of our wide variety of plants and flowers, including the excellent locally renowned white and coloured daisies and the prestigious aromatic herbs, are produced in the plain of the Albenga valley. A minimal number of our plants are sourced from other Italian regions and some particular varieties are imported from Spain.

All of the horticultural production marketed by our Bruzzone RB Plant Consortium are guaranteed by the strict and constant quality control standards applied by our Quality Managers.

We are farmers who work with respect for tradition, creating and maintaining strong and long lasting relationships with partners, customers and suppliers. Relationships are very important to us.

We have transmitted to our Consortium what we hold in our DNA: a green soul and a deep love for nature and the environment.


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