Great attention to detail, thanks to fully customised services


This philosophy has always distinguished us.
We provide a complete and customised sales service of Albenga plants for each client.
Starting from the labels, through the care dedicated to the trolley that protects the flowers and plants during transport, up to the wide coverage of our distribution.

Here is the list of services that we provide to our customers

  1. We select plants on a daily basis and only the best are chosen and offered for sale.
  2. The entire supply chain, from the production fields to the retailer, is subject to constant checks.
  3. We control the edible plants with periodic laboratory analysis.
  4. Each product is traceable from the manufacturer to our customer.
  5. On request, we create customised labels for each pot plant with the customer’s logo (optional), its barcode, the sale price, the week of departure, COC number (Globalgap) and the code of our producer (for the Green Passport).
  6. To aid identification, our invoices indicate the Green Passport serial number for each required article.
  7. In order to provide small Garden Centres with the full range of our products we give them the possibility to order a minimum half-pallet for each type of potted plant.
  8. Thanks to the experience gained in our field during our many years of activity, we have established a proven packaging method to protect plants during transport.
  9. We give the customer the opportunity to choose whether to arrange the plants in the traditional trolley packing or in boxed pallet packaging.
  10. At the client’s request, for the main holidays throughout the year, we devise promotional compositions.
  11. We assist our customers in both the pre-sales and after-sales phases.
    In fact, we provide advice and guidance on the most suitable items for your surroundings, taking into account climatic conditions and specific requirements.
    We also give guidance on the methods of cultivation and maintenance of the purchased plants.

We are planning new ecological packaging to meet the needs of the environment: something that requires ever-greater care and attention in an effort to improve the future of our planet and the future of our children.