Sunny heRBs

Sunny HeRBs

AROMA, SAPORE, SALUTE: three words that express the essence of our Albenga aromatic herbs.

Sunny heRBs is the brand name of our potted aromatic herbs.

A line of high quality herbs with an intense and natural flavour exclusively “Made in Albenga”. Sunny heRBs are guaranteed by strict internal rules and by EEC regulated laboratory analysis of residues.

The intense flavour of Mediterranean aromatic herbs

The distinctive scent of the essential oils that are naturally present in all herbs, the intense and natural flavour of sun-grown herbs used as seasoning to add flavour to food and the beneficial properties of the essential oils, excellent natural health remedies: this is the essence of the Sunny heRBs. All of this is expressed in three words AROMA, SAPORE, SALUTE.

Well-being is growing in the fields of Albenga’s farmers: it’s their passion that makes Sunny heRBs unique.


It is the perfume that essential oils emanate, naturally present in all aromatic herbs.


It is the intense and natural taste of our herbs used as seasoning to give flavour to our food.


The positive effects of the beneficial properties of essential oils used as natural remedies for our health.

The requirement for increasingly healthy aromatic herb products, for use in both the medicinal field and in the more common food sector, has convinced us to research and launch a specific high-quality product line, which fully embraces people’s needs.

Our Sunny heRBs grow in agricultural fields in Albenga that are often located right behind the farmer’s house. They love their plants and “live” their work incredibly intensively.

People who live surrounded by their own plants cannot help but love them, cultivating them with passion.

For this reason, we are very careful when selecting the products that we use on our plants and we constantly monitor them.

Try the taste of well-being; find out more about Sunny heRBs!